Best answer: Do chickens destroy eggs?

Why do chickens destroy eggs?

When young hens start to lay, their eggs’ shells are thin, soft and break easily. … If the egg is weak, and the shell is thin, she will gobble it up, destroy the evidence and try again.

What is a good source of calcium for chickens?

Crushed oyster shells are an excellent source of calcium, and are the most common way flock owners supplement calcium in their flock. Some people also clean and crush their used egg shells and feed them back to their hens.

Do chickens eat their babies?

Baby chickens will stay close to the mother hen for warmth and protection, but the mother hen does not directly feed them. Many chicks hatch in an incubator and are raised without a hen present. These chicks will eat food provided for them and require little feeding assistance from their human caretakers.

How long can you leave eggs in the chicken coop?

In theory, chicken eggs can stay good in the coop for 4-5 weeks. However, if you don’t collect eggs daily it can cause a number of problems. Predators might steal them, chickens may break them, and hens may become broody and sit on them.

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