Best answer: How many pounds of nitrogen are in a bushel of corn?

How much nitrogen do I need for 300 bushel of corn?

Remember that we don’t test soil for nitrogen – it’s based on research and yield studies, and we basically recommend 180 pounds of nitrogen for 150 bushels of corn, 240 pounds for 200 bushels, and 300 pounds for 250 bushels, and 360 pounds for 300 bushels.

How many pounds of fertilizer does it take to grow an acre of corn?

For corn, if the fertility level is good, a small amount of fertilizer (about 100 pounds of starter per acre) will provide an adequate starter response. Do not apply more than 70 pounds of N + K2O per acre if the fertilizer is placed approximately 2 inches away from the seed.

Can too much nitrogen hurt corn?

Nitrogen is the most expensive nutrient used in corn production. … If applied properly, it makes individual plants stronger and increases yield. “Beyond some level of applied nitrogen, grain yield stops increasing with more additions,” said co-author Bob Nielsen, Extension corn specialist.

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How late can you apply nitrogen to corn?

Ideally the N should be applied just prior to this period of high N demand. For most corn hybrids N uptake is complete shortly after pollination. So, most of the N should be applied prior to the 10 leaf stage, with any supplemental applications complete by or shortly after tasseling.

How much nitrogen do I add to corn?

Corn plants use large quantities of nitrogen to grow and yield. Corn removes 1 pound of nitrogen for every bushel of grain produced, so a 250 bushel per acre yield goal requires 250 pounds of nitrogen available to be used by your growing corn plants.

How much fertilizer do you need per acre of hay?

“Apply 50 to 60 pounds per acre of nitrogen on your best grass stands and 30 to 40 pounds per acre on the rest,” he recommends. Thomas suggests a similar amount of nitrogen be applied during August to boost plant carbohydrate levels, which should result in higher yields the following spring.

What is the best fertilizer for corn?

Use 2 to 3 pounds of fertilizer, such as 10-10-10, for every 100 square feet of garden area. Spread the fertilizer evenly over the soil and work it into the soil 3 to 4 inches deep.

How often do you put nitrogen on corn?

Nitrogen may be applied by growers at several times during the year: in the fall, early spring (preplant), at planting, and in-season (sidedress). Figure 2. Severe nitrogen deficiency symptoms are evident in this field that remained saturated due to excessive rainfall.

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How much nitrogen do you put on a sidedress corn?

Sidedress applications allow growers to maximize profits. However, each growing season has varying precipitation and different environmental conditions that can prohibit producers from applying nitrogen in-season. For each bushel of corn removed, 1.5 pound of nitrogen is required.

How many pounds of nitrogen per acre are needed for corn?

So if you look at nitrogen, it’s pretty straight-forward. “For 150 bushels, we recommend 180 pounds of nitrogen per acre. For 200 bushels, you go up to 240 pounds, and for 250 bushels, go to 300 pounds. For 300 bushels per acre, we recommend more than 360 pounds of nitrogen per acre,” he says.