Can you spray atrazine on corn?

Does atrazine kill corn?

Agronomy professor Alex Martin says atrazine works against broadleaf weeds without killing corn because corn has a natural immunity without genetic modification. “In contrast to 2, 4-D, the reason that Atrazine doesn’t kill a corn plant is not anything to do with the structure of the corn plant,” he says.

When can you spray atrazine on corn?

Atrazine can be applied to the soil surface either before or after planting, incorporated into the soil prior to planting, or sprayed on corn and weeds, postemergence.

How do you apply atrazine to corn?

Buctril + atrazine or Moxy + atrazine 3L (bromoxynil + atrazine) is applied at 1.5 to 3 pints per acre. Do not apply the higher rates until the 4-leaf stage of corn. Regardless of rate, applications must be made before corn reaches 12 inches in height.

Does atrazine hurt corn?

Although rare, some injury may also occur to corn as a result of misapplications of atrazine or environmental conditions like cool and wet soil that favors atrazine injury. … Atrazine symptoms appear as chlorosis and necrosis along the edges of the lower leaves.

Does Atrazine kill crabgrass?

Atrazine will suppress crabgrass, but it may not competely control it. The best time to treat for post-emergent control is when the weeds are young and actively growing, usually when temperatures are between about 55 and 85 degrees.

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Do I need to spray my corn?

Today, vegetable or corn oil is recommended. … Spray when silks have reached their full length and began to wilt and turn brown (this is 5–6 days after 50% of the corn has begun to show silks). Earlier applications can interfere with pollination and lead to poorly filled ears.

How do I apply atrazine?

Atrazine Mixing Instructions for Home Use

  1. Mix 4.33 ounces of Atrazine per gallon of water.
  2. When mixing in a container, pour Atrazine first, followed by water for best results.
  3. Apply the mixture to 500 square feet of lawn.
  4. Do not increase Atrazine content per gallon of water.

How long does atrazine stay in the soil?

Atrazine has a low to moderate solubility in water. Atrazine does not bind well to soil and can easily move in it. It has an average half-life in soil of around 60-75 days.

Should atrazine be used?

Atrazine is safe to use so far.

That’s because the previous reregistration processes and the current reevaluation show it is. In the 2006 reregistration, EPA ruled in atrazine’s favor after considering 6,000 studies and 80,000 public comments.