How do you feed corn to squirrels?

Is it OK to feed squirrels corn?

Most people opt to feed squirrels peanuts and corn. Unfortunately, neither of these foods are all that great for squirrel health. Despite the fact that they can be good for birds, corn and peanuts fail to provide a real nutritional benefit for squirrels.

What part of corn do squirrels eat?

Squirrels eat only the “germ” portion of a corn kernel, leaving the rest for other creatures. The part they eat has the embryonic plant for growth after germination. It also has a moderate concentration of lipids (oils and fat) and proteins, all of which are used during seedling growth.

Can you feed deer corn to squirrels?

Squirrels and birds are not ruminants, so corn does not effect their digestion the way it does deer. No one I’ve talked to suggested that corn is bad for squirrels or birds. … If you’re putting out more than 10 pounds of corn each week, it’s probably too much.

Can you feed squirrels cooked corn on the cob?

Corn on the cob may not be harmful and taste great to humans, but potentially fatal to squirrels. Do squirrels eat corn on the cob – yes but should never be fed to them. A squirrel’s gut is suited to break down nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

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What food is poisonous to squirrels?

Toxic foods are poisonous to squirrels and should be completely avoided.


  • High-sugar foods (candy, cookies, granola, sweetened breakfast cereals)
  • High-starch foods (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes)
  • Salty foods.
  • Human junk food.
  • Cashews.
  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Dried corn.
  • Pine nuts.

Should I feed squirrels in winter?

Many animals are currently hibernating, but others will need enough food and shelter to get them through the cold season. In winter, squirrels are active for only a few hours a day. In general, giving squirrels additional food will not harm them. …

Do squirrels prefer cracked or whole corn?

If you have a large quantity of dried corn you plan to crack for birdseed, it is best to store the corn on whole cobs, as it will last longer. Whole cobs can also be made available for squirrels and chipmunks, and large birds such as jays or grackles may peck at dried corn on cobs.

Why do squirrels bury corn?

Squirrels are very protective of their nuts so they bury them in the ground to keep them away from their annoying squirrely neighbors. … Squirrel corn cobs are a great way to reward their good behavior.