What is a good corn silage yield?

How much corn is in a ton of silage?

Each 7.5 bushels of corn will yield about one ton of silage.

How much is silage per acre?

silage per acre can be expected for each 6 to 7 bushels of grain per acre. For example, if expected grain yield is 125 bushels per acre, corn silage yields will be about 18 to 20 tons per acre of 30% dry matter silage (5 to 6 tons per acre dry matter yield).

How do you calculate yield of silage?

The weight of the plants divided by 2 will provide the estimated silage yield. Example: The plants from 17 feet 5 inches with a 30” row spacing weigh 40 lbs. This gives an estimated yield of 20 tons per acre (40/2). If the plant dry matter was 35%, then the calculated dry matter yield per acre would be 7 (20*0.35).

What percentage of corn silage is grain?

How much does grain per ton of silage vary? Grain per ton of 65% silage ranged from 0 to 11 bushel per ton for individual samples in a UW study. Previous studies have shown an increase in grain per ton of silage for traditional grain hybrids as silage tonnage per acre increased.

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How much does a ton of corn silage cost?

Grain prices between $4 and $7 per bushel affect corn silage price from $28 to $51 per Ton wet.

Is corn silage good for cows?

Corn silage is a feed that we don’t typically feed to beef cows. Corn silage is usually used in growing calf and feedlot diets because of its high nutritive value, especially energy. When hays and alfalfas are expensive, corn silage is a feed that cow/calf producers should consider.

How much silage does a cow eat daily?

Cattle will commonly consume corn silage at a rate of 5 to 7 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight. A 500-pound feeder calf may consume 25 to 35 pounds of corn silage as-fed daily.

What is corn silage good for?

Corn silage serves as a high-energy forage for dairy cows. This is most important for high-producing herds and on farms experiencing problems with making or buying high quality hay crop forage. Corn silage, with its relatively high energy content, is also well adapted for use in low-cost rations for fattening cattle.

How much does it cost to chop silage?

The cost of chopping usually ranges from $4 to $7 per ton of silage (assumed to contain 35% dry matter). Historically, we have used a charge of $5 per ton. To reflect increasing fuel costs over the past few years, an additional $0.40 per ton was added. Chopping costs per ton decrease as per acre yields increase.

How is corn silage price calculated?

For fermented, shrunk and stored corn silage, multiply the price of corn by a factor of 10 to get a price per wet ton. For a crop of corn silage still standing in the field, multiply the price of corn by a factor of 7 to 8 to get a price per wet ton.

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