What percentage of corn is planted in Illinois?

How much corn is planted in Illinois?


Commodity Planted All Purpose Acres Harvested Acres
CORN, GRAIN 11,100,000
CORN 11,300,000
CORN, SILAGE 110,000

What percent of corn is planted?

95% of Corn Is Planted and Crop Conditions Are Off to Better Start Than 2020.

What is most of the corn grown in Illinois used for?

Most of the corn grown in the United States is field corn. This type of corn is a grain and used to feed animals and make products like glue, sandpaper and medicines. You eat products made from field corn, too. It is made into corn sweetener, starch, meal and oil.

Is it worth it to plant corn?

MANY experienced gardeners consider corn to be the most worthwhile vegetable to grow in the home garden. The yield is not often great, but no other homegrown vegetable tastes so much better than its supermarket counterpart. … As with most vegetables time and care must be given this aristocrat of the garden.

Who is the richest farmer in Illinois?

Illinois billionaire Shahid Khan is known for building the automotive parts company Flex ‘N Gate, based in Urbana, IL, into a global manufacturer with 69 facilities around the world.

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Who is the most famous person in Illinois?

You May Be Surprised To Learn These 13 Famous People Are From Illinois

  • Betty White was born in Oak Park. …
  • Bob Odenkirk was born in Berwyn. …
  • Harrison Ford was born in Chicago. …
  • Ludacris was born in Champaign. …
  • Melissa McCarthy was born in Plainfield. …
  • Bill Murray was born in Evanston. …
  • Jennifer Morrison was born in Chicago.

Where is the largest corn field?

The US is the largest corn producer in the world, with 96,000,000 acres (39,000,000 ha) of land reserved for corn production. Corn growth is dominated by west/north central Iowa and east central Illinois.


Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Cystine 0.026 g
Phenylalanine 0.150 g
Tyrosine 0.123 g
Valine 0.185 g

What is the largest crop in the world?

The largest crop in the world in 2019 was sugarcane from Brazil followed by sugarcane from India and corn from the United States. Brazil produced more than 750 million metric tons of sugarcane in 2019. China produced five of the ten largest crops in the world in 2019.