Which country eats most fried chicken?

Do other countries eat fried chicken?

From the US to South Korea to Thailand to Senegal, fried chicken is a favorite in every corner of the world. And that’s not even counting variations of fried chicken like American-created General Tso’s chicken or Germany’s Schnitzel.

What country eats the most eggs?

Countries That Consume the Most Eggs

Rank Country Value
1 Japan 52.46
2 Paraguay 51.59
3 China 51.09
4 Mexico 50.23

Who was the first person to ever fried chicken?

English cook Hannah Glasse had the first published fried chicken recipe in 1747. However, the earliest stories of fried chicken are thousands of years old. They come from China, the Middle East, and West Africa. However, the dish has changed a lot over the years.

Who brought fried chicken to America?

The 145,000-odd Scots who made their way to the American South in the 18th century brought with them a tradition of battering and frying chicken. The almost half a million west Africans enslaved in North America brought a knack for frying and braising chicken from their own cuisines.

What country eats the most cheese?

Countries Who Consume the Most Cheese

Rank Country Cheese Consumption (kg Per Capita)
1 Denmark 28.1
2 Iceland 27.7
3 Finland 27.3
4 France 27.2
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