Why does my corn have purple hair?

Why is the silk on my corn red?

When corn kernels production on plant is low, the plant can’t use all the sugar it has produced by photosynthesis. And when there is too much sugar in the plant, the sugar turns the plant red to purplish-red.

Does each kernel of corn have a silk?

Is it true that each strand of silk on an ear of corn represents a kernel of corn? A. Yes, but only if pollen falls on the silk. … A corn plant produces corn silk surrounding each ear about two months after the plant emerges from the ground.

What is purple corn good for?

While developing new types of purple corn, the researchers found some with elevated levels of a naturally occurring chemical that may fight obesity, inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancer. … Studies have shown that eating anthocyanin-rich foods may reduce the risk of disease.

Is purple corn good for diabetic?

Purple corn is most often grown and used as the main ingredient in snack foods like colored-corn chips. But anthocyanins found in the outer layer of the kernel of purple corn—in the pigment that gives the corn its deep color—also have shown the ability to fight against chronic diseases, including Type 2 diabetes.

Can corn on the cob give you food poisoning?

As with any food, if you eat bad corn you are very likely to experience symptoms of food poisoning, such as gastric distress, vomiting and diarrhea. It is also worth noting that many people are allergic to corn.

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