Your question: What goes well with beef stroganoff?

What is a good side dish to serve with beef stroganoff?

Beef stroganoff is traditionally served with pasta; however, it is just as good with rice or mashed potatoes. As the dish can be very rich, try to serve something green alongside, such as steamed green beans, sautéed broccoli or a crisp salad.

What red wine goes well with beef stroganoff?

Beef Stroganoff is a rich dish that needs an equally rich red wine with high acidity, like Primitivo or Zinfandel. A peppery Stroganoff will love a fruity and peppery wine like Syrah / Shiraz. An earthy mushroom Stroganoff may call for an earthy Pinot Noir.

Where is beef stroganoff from?

What wine do you drink with stroganoff?

Notes: Delicious and easy-to-make recipe of peppery steak and earthy mushrooms, ideal for the fruity and peppery red wine, shiraz. Alternatively a fruity pinot noir is a good bet that will stand up to the mushrooms and its juicy nature will off-set the non-fatty chunky beef.

What wine goes with mushroom stroganoff?

The classic stroganoff seasonings – garlic, paprika and sour cream – are already wine friendly and mushrooms make them even more so. A great dish to serve with a good red burgundy or other elegant Pinot Noir.

Why was Beef Stroganoff invented?

A popular legend says the dish was created by a French chef in the employ of the Stroganov family. As the story goes, Count Stroganov had such poor teeth he could no longer eat steak. A dish of tender bits of beef in a creamy sauce fit the bill.

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