Frequent question: What Whisky goes well with steak?

What whiskey goes with steak?

The choice of whiskey is up to you; bourbon and rye are classic picks, but Scotch works well too, particularly with grilled steak, as its smoky notes mimic the flavor from the grill. Enjoy your whiskey neat, on the rocks, on in a simple cocktail that won’t overpower the meat, like an Old Fashioned.

What is the best drink with steak?

Soft drinks like Lemonade or Coca-Cola work very well as a pallet cleanser. Soda water mixed with lemon or lime as well is another non-alcoholic drink that can be paired quite nicely with steak as carbonisation can cut through the fat but also act as a plate cleanser.

Can you drink Whisky with steak?

Scotch is an especially good choice with a grilled steak, as the smoky notes of this drink copy the flavor provided by the grill. Don’t use a mixer with your whiskey, but enjoy it over ice to experience the full flavor of this steak and drink combination.

What whiskey goes with Italian food?

For the first pairing menu, we start with a very smooth whisky like Nikka 12 (best Japanese blended whisky in 2015) to end with a Lagavulin 16, a great Islay single malt. For dessert instead we proposed a fine Bourbon like James Pepper, matching perfectly the bitter aftertaste of the chocolate.

What can you serve with steak?

Cheese & chive slaw: With mature cheddar and mustard for flavour. Asian-style slaw: This crunchy mix would be good with our teriyaki steak. Red cabbage & fennel slaw: Aniseedy fennel works really well with meat. Roasted vegetables: Try a combination of sweet potato, peppers, green beans and tomatoes.

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