How long does corn silage last in a bag?

How long is silage stored before being fed?

Thus, the general recommendation is to wait at least 3 weeks before feeding newly harvested forages. The length of this fermentation process will vary depending on the crop harvested (related to buffering capacity), moisture, and maturity of the ensiled crop.

How many tons are in a 12 foot silage bag?

At 15 pounds of dry matter per cubic foot, a 12-foot diameter bag will have approximately 2.4 tons of feed (35 percent DM) per foot of length. It is suggested 2 feet be fed out each day to keep the feed fresh.

How do you know when silage is ready?

As soon as it’s wrapped it’s fermented. If you are using seasons then you need the wopster tool to determine fermenting progress. It takes 48 in game hours to fully ferment using seasons mod.

How do you calculate silo capacity?

To find the capacities in bushels, first find the volume in cubic feet: For a crib or cube multiply the length x width x height (all in feet). For round bins, cribs, or silo multiply the radius (1/2 diameter) x radius x 3.1416 x height.

How much is silage per acre?

For example, if you expect a grain yield of 50 bushels of grain per acre, you will get about 10 ton/acre of 30 percent dry matter silage. For corn yielding more than 100 bushels per acre, about one ton of silage per acre can be expected for each 7 to 8 bushels of grain per acre.

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How do you calculate tons of silage in a bag?

If you need to know the capacity in lbs. of silage as fed, divide the table value by the dry matter content. For example, 65% moisture silage in a 200-foot long bag of 9 ft diameter weighs 430,000 lbs AF (150,500 lbs DM/0.35) when packed at 13 lbs DM/ft3 density. Divide this value by 2000 lbs. to obtain total tons.

How much is a ton of corn silage worth?

What is a reasonable corn silage price?

Table 3: Value of standing corn silage based on expected yield of corn grain.
Low Yield High Yield
Value of standing silage ($/ton) 8 x $3.25 = $26.00 10 x $3.25 = $32.50
Yield of corn silage 10 tons/acre 30 tons/acre
Value of standing corn ($/acre) 10 x $26.00 = $262 30 x $32.50 = $975

How much silage do I need?

Calculating how much silage is in your pit:

Step 1: Measure length, width and height of pit in metres; Step 2: Multiply length x width x height = total silage area available; Step 3: Estimate the dry matter (DM) of your silage; Step 4: Multiply the total area by either 0.68, 0.77 or 0.81 (depending on silage DM);