How many acres does a bag of seed corn cover?

How many bags of seed corn does it take to plant an acre?

Corn is sold in 80,000 seed bags. 80,000/35,000 = 2.29 bags per acre. You will end up planting more than that so take that into consideration.

How many acres will a bag of corn do?

One bag of DEKALB brand corn contains 80,000 kernels and the bag weight will vary depending on the seed size that is used. One bag of DEKALB corn will seed 2.7 acres. To calculate your seeding rate in pounds per acre: Decide on your desired seeding rate (30,000* seeds per acre is recommended).

How much corn do you need to plant 2 acres?

Depending on cultivar and planting equipment, the optimal plant population is between 14,000 and 24,000 plants per acre. It is recommended that you sow 10 pounds of corn seed per acre 8-12 inches apart and in rows 30-44 inches apart.

How do you calculate corn seeds per acre?

See table below. Count the number of plants in the measured area. Count at least six representative places across the field. Multiply the average number of plants by 1,000 to calculate the final plant population per acre.

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What does it cost to plant 1 acre of corn?

Across FBFM farms, farmer return for corn averaged $8 per acre in 2019. In 2019, the average yield was 237 bushels per acre, and the price averaged $3.60 per bushel. Total non-land costs of $574 per acre include all financial costs of producing corn.

How many bags of soybeans do I need per acre?

Soybean seeding rate is one of the most heavily debated and frankly, in my humble opinion, the most overthought agronomic decision we make in soybean. As a general rule of thumb I recommend farmers purchase a bag of seed per acre (140,000 seed count) and plant that entire bag per acre (140,000 seeds) (Figure 1).

How long does it take to plant an acre of corn?

“I use prospective plating to get acres and suitable days and calculate how many acres can be planted per day. For corn, it peaks between 1 and 1.25 million acres per day-that means just over 13 days to get planted.” It’s the same for soybeans-about 14 days to fully planted.

How many pounds of fertilizer does it take to grow an acre of corn?

For corn, if the fertility level is good, a small amount of fertilizer (about 100 pounds of starter per acre) will provide an adequate starter response. Do not apply more than 70 pounds of N + K2O per acre if the fertilizer is placed approximately 2 inches away from the seed.