Is a chicken thigh a leg?

Is chicken thigh the same as leg?

The leg of the chicken consists of two parts, which are the thigh and the drumstick. Consist of dark meat only. Thigh: The top portion of the leg above the knee joint that is connected to the body of the chicken.

What is a chicken thigh and leg called?

The dark meat of poultry comes from the legs, which can be broken down into two parts: the thigh and the drumstick. In restaurants, you may occasionally find a boneless leg that has been stuffed, which is called a ballotine .

What is the chicken leg?

What Are Chicken Legs? Chicken legs (aka leg quarters) are an entirely dark-meat portion of the chicken that includes the chicken thigh and the chicken drumstick. Chicken thighs and chicken drumsticks sold together as chicken legs are almost always sold skin-on, bone-in.

Which is healthier chicken thigh or drumstick?

Chicken legs contain a moderate number of calories — each drumstick, with the skin removed, provides 106 calories, while a skinless chicken thigh contains 176 calories. Both cuts of chicken leg provide ample amounts of protein, a nutrient important for tissue repair and muscle growth.

Can you lose weight eating chicken thighs?

The cut of chicken you should eat depends on your health and fitness goals. While all cuts of chicken are great sources of protein, some are leaner. The extra fat in the thigh, drumstick and wings can benefit some goals but hinder others. If you’re trying to lose weight, then chicken breast is the best cut for you.

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