Can enlist be sprayed on corn?

Does Enlist herbicide kill corn?

Enlist traits enable control against the toughest weeds in soybeans, cotton and corn.

What do you spray on enlist beans?

Enlist One herbicide is the “new” 2,4-D for use on Enlist crops. … Also, when spraying Enlist E3 soybeans, you can also use Roundup (glyphosate), Liberty (glufosinate), or any conventional soybean herbicide, which is why we expect a huge percent of U.S. soybean acres to go to Enlist E3 this year.

What herbicides are used on corn?

Several different types of herbicides are appropriate for use before you plant the corn, including, glyphosate, S-metolachlor and alachlor. Glyphosate is a common ingredient in many commercial weed killers and can be used with a nonionic surfactant, applied directly to the emerged weed.

Can you spray post on corn?

Taller corn is generally more sensitive to potential herbicide injury, particularly when nozzles are applying the spray directly into the whorl of the plant. … For example, Capreno® herbicide can be applied POST when corn reaches the V1 stage up through V7 or 20-inch tall corn, whichever comes first.

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Will 2,4-D kill enlist beans?

Herbicide products containing 2,4-D will injure or kill Xtend cotton and soybean. Herbicide products containing dicamba will injure or kill Enlist cotton and soybean. Xtend soybean do not exhibit resistance glufosinate (Liberty 280, Interline, etc.).

Can you spray Liberty on enlist beans?

Enlist One® and Liberty® herbicides can be applied in a tank mix or as sequential passes on Enlist E3™ soybeans and Enlist™ cotton. Wide application window — apply on your own schedule; no days after planting restriction.

How much does it cost to enlist 1 acre?

Spray rate

Use spray rates from the product label when weeds are shorter than 6 inches and crops are within the appropriate growth stage window. Enlist Duo® herbicide: Spray 4.75 pints per acre. Enlist One® herbicide: Spray 2 pints per acre.

Can you spray XtendiMax on enlist beans?

Enlist Duo®is the only 2,4-D formulation that does not have preplant application restrictions and can be used POST on Enlist soybean and cotton. XtendiMax®, Engenia™, and FeXapan™ are the only dicamba products that do not have preplant application restrictions and that can be used for POST applications to Xtend crops.

How much is a gallon of lv6?

Per the product label for Hi-Yield Range and Pasture 2, 4-D LV 6: SPOT TREATMENT IN NON-CROP AREAS: To control broadleaf weeds in small areas with a hand or back pack sprayer, use 2 2/3 fluid ounces of this product per gallon of water and spray to thoroughly wet all foliage.

How do you control grass in corn?

Currently, there are several herbicide options available for post- emergence grass control in corn. Some of these options require the use of “special” corn hybrids, such as Roundup Ready (RR), Liberty Link (LL), Clearfield ([CL] Imidazolinone Resistant/Tolerant), or Poast Protected (PP).

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What do you spray conventional corn with?

Remember, herbicides containing glyphosate and glufosinate should not be sprayed over the top of conventional corn, but nearly all other corn herbicides can be used on conventional corn.