Does alligator taste better than chicken?

Do alligators taste like chicken?

It is used for making the ubiquitous bar appetizer – fried alligator bites and gator on a stick. It does, indeed, taste a lot like chicken. The meat is white and can be quite tender and flavorful.

Is alligator healthier than chicken?

High-Quality Protein

In terms of taste and saturated fat amount, gator meat shares properties with chicken as well as fish. Whether the meat is from the tail or another cut, the meat retains twice as much protein as a serving of beef of the same size.

Why is alligator meat so expensive?

Because there are few alligator breeders available, alligators must be caught in the wild. The meat, therefore, is very hard to come by. Alligators are native to only two countries: the United States and China.

What do you eat with an alligator?

5 Ways To Eat Alligator You’ve Never Considered

  • Ham. Gilbert cures alligator steaks until they take on the salty, chewy character of a well-cared-for ham. …
  • Sausage. The spicy, smoky flavors of traditional Andouille blend well with alligator’s mild flavor. …
  • Braised and Pulled. …
  • Wings. …
  • Ribs.

Is alligator meat fishy?

However, it is also chewy and rubbery. Its chewiness is more than that of beef or chicken. Some even consider it chewier than pork. The taste of fried alligator meat is like a fishy chicken, but somehow still unique.

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