How do I add fat to ground venison?

What do you add to ground venison?

Add equal amounts of ground pork sausage or ground beef with a 20 percent fat ratio to the ground venison to achieve a 50/50 mixture. Use the food scale to add the correct amount. You can add 25 percent pork and 25 percent beef for three-meat mixture.

Can you add bacon fat to ground venison?

We don’t add any fat to our venison burgers, just 100% venison, they do fine and taste great cooked medium rare, with some seasoning. Our preference is to add pork meat/shoulder to our venison. We also twice grind. Deer especially is so lean, I don’t like the way it cooks when it’s on its own.

Can I add lard to ground venison?

Ground venison is lean and healthy. This recipe adds fresh lard into the ground venison to get all the flavor and juiciness you want from a burger. So good you won’t know you’re eating deer!

Should I add fat to ground venison for jerky?

I grind my own and grind it coarse with no fat added. Just make sure it is well trimmed before you grind it. I mix the ground meat with whatever jerky recipe I am going to use. I usually use a dry mix that requires mixing with a little water.

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How much fat do you add to ground venison?

My rule of thumb is to add 10-20% fat when making venison burgers. The 90-10 ratio will produce a lean patty, whereas an 80/20 will be richer. On the other hand, an authentic sausage should be succulent. Fat is fundamental to creating a juicy product.

How much pork fat do I add to deer meat?

For those of you wondering exactly how much pork fat to add to venison sausage, the standard ratio is 80% venison and 20% pork fat. You can go above 20% if you want the sausage to be as succulent as possible, but everything over 50% might be too fatty.

Can you mix venison with ground beef?

Because venison is so lean, there’s not a lot of fat to hold the burger patties together when cooked. Mixing it with ground beef adds fat which prevents it from falling apart on the grill or in the pan. Venison has a strong “earthy” flavor.

How do you get the wild taste out of deer burger?

Cook venison until brown in the skillet, breaking up the meat until small chunks with a spoon. The stronger flavor of the fats will help to mellow out the gamy, lean quality of venison.

How do you package ground venison?

Put the paper’s waxy side next to the meat, and double-wrap it for extra protection. This process can be time-consuming, but it’s worthwhile. High-quality, thick-walled plastic freezer bags are inexpensive and easy to use. Simply fill your bags with venison, squeeze out the air and zip!

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How do you get deer burgers to stick together?

Venison does best when you add some fat to keep the ground meat moist and some kind of binder to help the meat stick together.