How do you make apple flavored corn for deer?

Will deer eat apple flavored corn?

Corn is billed as a staple of any deer’s diet that lives near cornfields, and this stuff is supplemented with an apple flavoring that’s coating the corn to make it even more irresistible.

What is Apple corn?

An apple flavored corn blend designed to supplement the energy needs of deer.

What can you mix with corn for deer?

Best Deer Attractant To Mix With Corn

  • 3.1 Lucky Buck Apple Flavored Mineral Attractant.
  • 3.2 Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain Black Magic.
  • 3.3 Wild Game Innovations Acorn Rage.
  • 3.4 HME Scent Web Apple.
  • 3.5 Crooked Bend 25-Pound Food Plot Seed.

Does apple scent attract deer?

Apple-X Deer Lure, is ideal for tricking a deer’s nose. Even you’ll think there’s a bushel of ripe apples nearby. The deer will find it irresistible. Rich and completely natural.

Do deer like apples or corn better?

Apples attract deer, in which are going to pull the bucks. As for bucks like them only. NO way, they all like them, but I wouldnt say they like them more than corn. If you put corn and apples together in a bait pile, the apples will be eaten by deer first, then the corn.

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How far can deer smell apples corn?

That was not my intention, I can wholeheartedly assure you. Every deer can smell anything up to exactly 273 yards away.

Do squirrels like apple flavored corn?

Corn is whole and shelled. Enjoyed by turkeys and other small animals like squirrels. Put next to your deer stand to draw them in close to you. Has an apple flavor that deer love.


Gender Unisex
Manufacturer Manna Pro Corporation
Condition New
Material Whole Corn, Apple Flavor
Price Per Unit UOM Each

How long does it take deer to find Apple corn?

1-3 days they should be on it good. If it is well traveled.

Can squirrels eat apple flavored deer corn?

Though a variety of birds and mammals will eat these handouts, they just provide gut-stuffing empty calories. Squirrels and birds are not ruminants, so corn does not effect their digestion the way it does deer. No one I’ve talked to suggested that corn is bad for squirrels or birds.

What should you not feed deer?

Do not feed hay, corn, kitchen scraps, potatoes, lettuce trimmings or any animal proteins from animals rendered into feed. Deer may actually starve when fed supplemental foods during winter if they have a full belly of indigestible foods.

Can I mix molasses with corn to attract deer?

Deer attractors are a type of bait that hunters make at home. Molasses can be mixed with cracked corn and acorns, or it can be mixed with peanut butter and used as deer feed. You can mix molasses with peanut butter and leave it in a can where it can melt in the sun and slowly drip out to attract deer while you hunt.

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Is Doe poop different than Buck poop?

It’s nearly impossible to distinguish between buck and doe poop. The commonly held belief is that large, tubular excrements belong to bucks, and small, pelleted piles belong to does. But according to Buckmasters, research shows that it’s virtually impossible for hunters to distinguish between buck and doe poop.